The Non-Toxic Solution to Urban Mining

Reliable and honest technology that eliminates the harmful effects of e-waste on people and the environment.

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20-50 Million

Metric tons of e-waste ends up in landfills every year


The disposal of electrical equipment and devices (e-waste) contain several harmful materials that negatively affect people and the environment - and the amount of e-waste is expected to double by 2050.


Clean Urban Mining in collaboration with Flinders University, offers a mineral processing technology that removes highly toxic cyanide and acids from the e-waste recovery process. Purpose-built to assist governments, e-waste recycling, metal traders and regulatory bodies, our technology ensures a genuine, non-toxic, and sustainable alternative for precious metal recovery.

The problem

Toxic chemicals that harm people and the environment

Nitric Acid

While nitric acid is considered effective and low cost, the toxic chemical carries a large environmental burden for operators and communities.


Since its introduction into the mining industry, cyanide has been a dangerous technique of metal extraction that has severely affected the environment, with many countries banning its use.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid has been found to be useful chemicals in the extraction of gold from e-waste, however, any use of acids has potentially harmful effects on people and the environment

A two-step end-to-end metal recovery process

Our solution


Our patented leaching process uses a non-toxic reagent, that is no more harmful than pool chemicals. This eliminates the high toxicity of cyanide and acids such as aqua regia, and the associated environmental impacts of using harmful acids.


Our award-winning patented polymer selectively extracts the metals from the leach solution. The polymer itself is produced using waste elemental sulfur further promoting the circular economy.

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